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Individuals ranking – WordPress 5.9

We provide rankings of the core, themes, plugins, and other sections of WordPress 5.9 update gathered using web scraping and gathering data through WordPress API.
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We use Python framework to fetch and access relevant data and use SQL databases to store the data on the cloud. Then, using a front-end tool, we access the data for generating an individual ranking of websites.

Profile Information

We can generate profile information about the contributor to the WordPress website.

Most Downloaded Plugins & Themes

By using scraping and APIs, we gather data about the most popular and downloaded themes and plugins of the 5.9 version.

Average Number Of Downloads Per Week

By entering information about the author or the core contributor, we will also fetch data on average downloads of a theme or plugin, across the globe.

Plugin And Theme Review Rating Average

According to the statistics, we will also help rate and tweak the average ratings of a plugin on the WordPress dashboard.

Percentage Of Five-Star Ratings

Based on calculations and the average ratings, we will develop a detailed report of the percentage of 5-star ratings based on reviews.

Number Of WordPress Releases Contributed

We provide a review for about 10,000 users based on their contributions to plugins or themes on WordPress.

WordPress 5.9 Core Contribution Statistics

Core contributions mainly refer to source code contributions, including reviews and raised tickets. In addition, we provide detailed information based on statistical data.
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Fun Facts about Year in WordPress

100,000 Users

Nearly 100,000 WordPress users worldwide have contributed to core tickets, plugins, or themes.

500MB Of Space

The database space to generate the full report of the statistics consumes 500MB.

364K+ Plugin/Theme Downloads

Between 2015 and 2016, the 5.9 version of WordPress has seen a significant rise of 19.6% downloads.

New Core Trac Tickets Shrunk

After the release of the new version, the trac tickets for resolving bugs and issues shrunk to 4,028.

Extending WordPress With Add-ons

Plugins functionality can be extended by modifying plugin hooks.

Customize Your Funnel

Using our detailed data, you can customize your audience funnel using different techniques.


"With the information provided by this site, I tweaked my reviews and ratings on WordPress."
John H. Weiss
"I have been a constant core contributor to WordPress, and this is an essential site where I gather all the information related to the latest updates and releases,"
Frieda R. Quinn
"I got a personalized review on my profile information, which has helped me contribute more to WordPress."
Scott M. Lawless

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